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Henry B.

Dear future patient of Dr. Hart,

I am writing this letter, testimonial actually, to tell you from my personal experience, about the dental practice of Dr. Hart. I believe it is important for everyone to understand that Dr. Hart’s dental practice is unlike any other.

I have been a patient of Dr. Hart’s for almost 20 years. Prior to seeing Dr. Hart I had neglected my oral health. The reason for my neglect was due to my intense anxiety, dentist phobia. I had actually been into a dentist office for an appointment and left without ever seeing the dentist or hygienist. I would break out in a cold sweat, my entire body would tremble, and I would feel like I needed to run. Yes, I suffered horrible dentist phobia.

One day I was talking with my mother on the phone and I was telling her about the bleeding that had become so severe every time that I brushed my teeth and she told me about Dr. Hart. I was hoping that she would give me an old-fashioned remedy like rinsing my mouth out with salt water. I would have washed my mouth out with soap at this point. Anyway, my mother gave me Dr. Hart’s phone number and told me where her office was. I made an appointment and had to ask my mother to go with me, because I was so terrified. As my mother and I walked into Dr. Hart’s office I broke out in my usual cold sweat and started to shake. My mother assured me that everything would be alright because she was there. Now, can you just picture this, a grown man in his 20s having to be reassured by his mother that my visit with Dr. Hart would not be that bad?

After many visits to Dr. Hart’s office I felt much more at ease. She never hurt me and as my gums continued to improve, the cleaning were of short duration and intensity. However, there was one tooth that could not be saved. It became very infected and I did my usual. I neglected it. For a couple of months I walked around in pain but one day a big lump appeared on my cheek, so I call Dr. Hart’s office and made an appointment, after I had called my mother of course. Well again, I was scared to death because I knew the tooth would have to be removed. It was making me very sick at this point, so I knew I had no choice and thank God my mother was able to go with me. Dr. Hart wiggled that tooth out and there was no pain at all. Now, it was not an easy job for her, but it was because of my fear.

I spent well over an hour in her office just to have one tooth pulled because she would not proceed until I was ready and comfortable.

I can honestly say that I enjoy my visits to Dr. Hart’s office. When I or anyone else enters Dr. Hart’s office you can expect to be greeted by a dental health professionals with great personalities, stories to tell, to laugh about and you will feel a sense of warmth and comfort. In Dr. Hart’s office you are not just another patient, you are an individual person and they specialize in taking care of individual people, not patients.

Proper oral health is more important than ever. Bacteria growing in the gum can eventually make their ugly way to the blood stream. Scientific research has shown a direct correlation between build- up of plaque in the arteries and a build-up plaque on your teeth. So, please be smart, call Dr. Hart. Don’t delay, call today and keep your heart and teeth smiling.

– Henry B.


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