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There are several products available to help decrease your snoring. 90% of loud snorers have obstructive sleep apnea. Allergies, a deviated septum and pregnancy can all cause your nose to be blocked. You can support your nose either from the outside or inside.

Breathe Right nasal strips can help support your nose from the outside. They work by pulling your nose open. Nasal dilators help support your nose from the inside. Max-air nose cones, mute nasal dilators, and NoZovent clips are options to try. If one type is not comfortable, be sure to try another kind. Nasal dilators can be very effective to decrease your snoring.

Sleeping on your side can also be of benefit to help decrease your snoring. Side sleeping pillows such as the Half-moon side sleeper pillow, Splintek sleep right side sleeping pillow or the Half-moon side sleeper posture pillow can help keep you on your side.

Sleep connection anti-snore wrist band can detect when you are snoring. It will slightly stimulate you to move so that you are no longer snoring.


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