Richmond, VA

New 4 You Dentures in Richmond, Virginia

Those who wear dentures know that even a “good” set of dentures is not a good substitute for your own natural teeth. As teeth are removed, the bones of the jaws start to “shrink”, giving the denture wearer a much older appearance than they actually are. The bone can shrink up to 75% over several years. This is what gives the denture patient the “caved” in look, giving the patient an artificial unnatural smile.

Most dentists do not like to make dentures because the results can be so unpredictable. Dentures, not unlike a lot of products, can be a ” get what you pay for ” product. Dr. Hart puts in a lot more time and expertise than the typical conventional denture, thereby giving the wearer something they can actually wear and not sit in a drawer!


Economy – Economy dentures can actually be made in the same day as your appointment. They are “what you see is what you get”, or the “you get what you pay for ” dentures. We can direct you to an office that makes these dentures.

Conventional – conventional dentures are the most common type of dentures that most dentist make. They look better than economy dentures. The same problem exist in these , over time bone loss occurs and the denture lose fit.

New 4 You – These are the most customized cosmetic dentures, and the type that Dr. Hart makes. These dentures require additional training in Neuromuscular dentistry to fabricate these unique custom made dentures. The training is rigorous and demanding. You can be confident in the ability for Dr. Hart to provide visibly surperior results over conventional dentures. Achieving and maintaining optimum muscle relaxation and function is the basis of Neuromuscular treatment. This directly relates to the appearance of the dentures. Dentures that function best also look and feel the best.

Would you like to eat better? Look better? Younger? Give our office a call and set up a complimentary initial consultation. We have a well trained and educated staff, ready to address you needs and concerns.

Financial information

Once you have met with Dr. Hart and her team, we can review your dental treatment, what you desire, and what fits in your budget.

You can pay with cash, check, most major credit cards, or you can choose the extended payment option.

We will fill out all necessary insurance paperwork to help you maximize your dental insurance benefits.

We have found it is a good idea to contact your insurance carrier to ask them how much is covered under you dental insurance plan. We can help you with necessary dental terminology needed to achieve this.


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