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Difficulty Getting Numb?

Do you have problems getting “really numb for dental procedures?” There are several reasons why:

  • If you have a bad infection, the anesthetic or numbing medicine cannot work. The pH, or acid level, in the infective area is too low and the anesthesia will not be effective. Antibiotics are used to clear up most of the infection. It takes a few days for the antibiotic to work and then you can have dental treatment done comfortably.
    • Your ph levels may be too low if you take a lot of Vitamin C. Stopping the Vitamin C a few days before treatment will help the anesthesia to work.
    • Limiting caffeine products- coffee, tea and energy drinks will make you less nervous and allow the anesthesia to work.
    • Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome patients may need more anesthesia at shorter intervals.
    • Redheads may also need more anesthesia and can benefit from the Tums™
    • Clenching and grinding your muscles causes excess lactic acid to build-up. This is also why your muscles hurt when you exercise. To lower your pH an antacid-like Tums ™- can help temporarily change your acidity or increase your pH.
    • The Tums™ protocol is :
      1. Take 4 Tums™ 16 hours before dental appointment.
      2. Take 4 Tums™ 8 hours after first dose
      3. Take 4 Tums™ 8 hours after the second dose. This last dose should be right before your dental appointment.

      Let’s say your appointment is at 4 PM. You first dose would be at Midnight (the night before your appointment). The second dose would be at 8 AM (8 hours later). The third dose would be at 4 PM-(8 hours later) the time of your appointment.

    • Tips to insure dental anesthesia works:
      1. Sleep well before your dental appointment.
      2. Limit caffeine intake.
      3. Use Tums™ protocol if you have a history of numbing difficulties in the past.
      4. Call Dr. Faryl Hart’s office at 804.278.4141 for any additional questions.


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