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I Don’t Floss Anymore

For the last several years, I have not flossed my teeth.  The WaterPik Waterflosser does the flossing and brushing for me.

The Complete Care or Aquarius models are strong enough to blast the plaque and bacteria from under, around and in between your teeth and gums.  The other models-Cordless, Classic or the For Kids ones are not effective enough to replace flossing.

Six (6) is the minimal setting the unit has to be on to effective in removing the plaque. You may need to take a few days to achieve this level if your gums are sensitive or tender.  Start at 2-3 and gradually adjust the intensity to at least 6. The highest setting is 10. I keep mine at an 8. You can use warm water if your teeth are sensitive to tap water. Listerine can also be added to the water reservoir.  Be sure to thoroughly rinse out the lines with water so that the Listerine does not damage the tubing. Be sure to fill up and use all of the water in reservoir. It takes that much water to thoroughly remove the plaque. I like to rest my arms on the sink and let the water go right into the sink.  If you try to watch yourself in the mirror you will make a mess!! Act like you are outlining your teeth with the waterflosser. Make sure that your go all of the way around your teeth-outside, inside, top and bottom. Take a look at what is coming out of your mouth-you will very surprised to see bits of food from lunchtime swirling in the sink basin.

Once you are finished with the waterflosser then use the electric toothbrush that comes in the Complete Care model or another electric toothbrush.  An electric toothbrush really does make a difference. They make a doing a good job easier. You need to brush for at least two minutes. Most people only brush for 22 seconds.

Bedtime is the most important time to floss and brush.  During sleep, our bodies do not make saliva, so all of the food we have eaten throughout the day sits on our teeth at nighttime. This greatly increases that rate of cavities and gum disease.

You want to floss first –this removes the plaque from around the gums and the brushing removes plaque from your mouth.


Your flex spending account can usually be used to purchase the WaterPik Waterflosser. I have the necessary forms for you to submit to your flex spending account. I have them for sale in my office for what I purchase them for.

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