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Options for Whitening Your Teeth

Are you interested in a brighter and whiter smile? If so, please read about your options. Whitening toothpastes say that they can make your teeth five to seven shades lighter. We have not found this to be true. Actually, most whitening toothpastes work by wearing away good, stained enamel to unstained enamel. Once enamel is […]

Routine Dental Care

The Benefits of Routine Dental Care

Routine dental care is so important not only for a healthy mouth but a healthy heart. We know that you may have a busy schedule or think that your home dental care is enough to keep your pearly whites healthy. Procrastination due to fear is another reason not to go to the dentist. Here are […]

Oral Cancer Awareness month

The American Cancer Society estimates that there are 30,000 new cases of various types of oral cancer diagnosed each year…and only half of these patients survive 5 years after diagnosis. We have always preformed oral cancer screenings at every exam-but the Velscope allows us to “look deeper” and more accurately to better protect you. The […]

Ten Reasons to Have a Dental Cleaning

Good oral hygiene is important, not only for looks, but for general health as well. Poor oral hygiene can lead to a variety of dental and medical problems such as gum disease, infection, bone loss, heart disease, strokes and more. Following, are ten important reasons to maintain our recommended schedule of dental cleanings. To Prevent […]

Fun Smile Facts

Smiles are an interesting feature of everyone’s life. Everyone has one, but everyone feels differently about their own. Consider a few interesting facts about smiles. 62 – Number of times a day the average woman smiles. 8 – Number of times a day the average man smiles. 63% – Percentage of people who say they […]


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